I have been so busy with school that I bearly have time to post. Meanwhile this post isn’t going to be a very long one, I will just share with you some conclusions I have made concerning school.

Monday is going to be my last midterm before finals in May. Best believe when I say I am so excited to be done, I really am. But I’ve got to finish things rightly and more importantly, finish with no regrets hence I work hard.

To me, taking an exam is like sex in a nightclub; you get in, you do what you got to do, and then you get out without ever thinking about the experience again. Essays, on the other hand, are like maintaining a boyfriend; you’ve got to continue to go back and work on it, and if you do not sort it out, it goes to shit in the end.

Some of you might know, and others not but I am in my final year of undergraduate. Yes, final round, so everything needs to be perfect. You give it all and until your good is better and better best, you do not stop.

Life this year pretty much sums up like: school, tests, essays, presentations, reports, projects and even worst, preparing the next stage. In as much as I try to relax once in a while, the focus remains! You get days where you’re moody and others relaxed but trust me, everything about it is worth the effort…

Anyways, when I blurted this out to a friend, it resulted in a very long silence, shock long enough to ask, ‘What nightclubs do you go to? You need to give me the numbers to some of these places!’”

Comment down below and let me know what feeling you have about exams or coursework assignments or work in general.

Till next time xx.

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