Summer is upon us! Out there enjoying the weather, the rain drops (because British weather is just like that), ice-cream, Sunday roasts, festivals and above all shopping which is one of my favourite activities.

I thought it will benefit you to consider tripping to some of the places I’ve been to this summer.

  1. Glastonbury Festival -Music and Contemporary Performing Arts.

The festival lasted five days long. It was one of the craziest experiences of my life. It was sunny, crowded (but you get used to), stinky (best believe me, by the end of , exciting and simply fun. When we arrived at about 1 pm that day, the queue was long, probably the longest I had ever seen. Security checked tickets (including camping spaces, parking spaces), illegal substances or items. It is one of the most popular festivals in the UK and happens once every two years. Glastonbury is huge. It is unreal how huge it is. I finally settled on my camping space after almost four hours of queuing and walking to my camp. Set up my tent, installed all my things (I would advice anyone that goes to Glasto. not to over-pack), and visited the perimeter (water points, toilets), shops and nearest stages.

Once all that was done, I was deep into the festival; face painting, shopping vintage, arts, clubs, drinking… I managed to visit Arcadia, Healing, Avalon, Other Stage and Pyramid stages. My best of the entire festival was Ed Sheeran’s concert. I equally enjoyed the Jackson’s Five.

I witnessed two marriage proposals there and saw the most romantic couples kiss and hug each other. All that said, I will showcase some of the pictures I took from the festival.

One more thing (because I always have more to say) is make sure you scrub your body thoroughly when you return home from the festival.

  1. Tintagel Castle: King’s Arthur Cornwall.

If you’ve ever wonder where history meets legend, Tintagel is the place. It is one of UK’s most dramatic but spectacular coastline stretches. Why? That’s were the legend King Arthur was conceived. Because this isn’t a history class, I wouldn’t enter in the specifics of the place. What I deem most important to let anyone interested in visiting is that you should be prepared to hike.

You need a decent head for heights in order to get to the top, climb across over a wooden bridge and up a steep flight of stairs cut into the side of the rocky cliff.

And that’s where all the magic happens. You can look down onto the sea way below, and the waves crashing onto the rocks with the full force of the Atlantic behind them.

With the jagged Cornish coastline stretching off into the distance on each side of the island,  it’s a breathtaking place.

It would be an ideal place for brunch, for meditation, for relaxation and why not for a date.

  1. Roman Baths – Bath City.

It was just a weekend in Bath. Not my first time in Bath (I went for shopping the previous times) but it was actually my first time visiting Bath city and more importantly, the roman baths. Of course in my previous trips to bath with friends, I always prioritised shopping over spending money on ‘just roman baths tour’. But now that I had the chance to visit, I realise I had missed out on this one off beautiful experience.

To begin with, Bath city is renowned for its incredible architecture and has what I call a typical English charm (historic buildings and terraces, world heritage sites).

 I was at bath thermal spa, roman bath, royal crescent (one of bath’s most famous landmarks), river avon boat trip, and the circus.

I wouldn’t name all these places without talking about the shopping centre, the coffee shops and the cream tea.

I loved it.

  1. English Riviera – Torquay City.

If you are planning holidays around Devon then Torquay is the place to be. For Torquay there isn’t much description to make if its just to say the pictures will speak by itself. Plan Torquay becomes extremely popular when summer is on (fair enough, the weather is decent).

The beach is my favourite among all the others i have been to in the UK (Brighton, Swansea, Exmouth, Plymouth) for the simple reason been that the water is warmer. It’s coastline was nicknamed English Riviera (not sure why) but I guarantee you all, the view is amazing.

There’s also an arts gallery in the town centre, a quite small shopping centre and a lot of coffee shops.

It’s the ideal town for just getting away, relaxing without having to deal with large crowds.

I would have loved to suggest more places but as I said in my introduction, these are just the best places I found this summer. That been said, the UK is a lovely country and all cities have their own uniqueness, history, and charm. I hope by the time I leave the UK I will get to visit other places and attend more festivals (I will be attending the Nottinghill Carnival in two weeks – excitement level 100%).

Disclaimer: All the pictures were taken from an Iphone 6. I wish I had my camera along but I was always too scared about the crowds (Glastonburry and Bath), the height (Tintagel), and I simply forgot to bring it along to Torquay. I hope I can provide better quality pictures next time.

19’s Observation.


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