Hi makeup lovers,

I hope you are having an amazing time wherever you are reading me from. I’m back this time with a review of my top five makeup essentials. These are the products I currently use and I love them.

I am dark-skin, with a normal skin type although quite sensitive. I get negligibly oily around my t-zone and have hyper pigmentation on my chicks (not that hyper -because I’m that dramatic). I’ll be reviewing my top five makeup essentials and will give some of my makeup hacks.

Makeup Brushes Set – Real Techniques.

Most people tend to neglect this aspect on the grounds that, as long as they’re able to apply their makeup, it doesn’t matter. Well, I do not think so. It actually makes a whole lot of a difference. For the sake of your skin, you do not want to use brushes that will compromise your skin’s health. Today, there are a lot of controversies in the makeup industry that one needs to be very careful with regards to what products (*chemicals) were used in manufacturing beauty items (brushes, blenders, sponges) as you might be really surprised as to the amount of chemicals involved. If you are still wondering why you get breakouts despite using reputable makeup brands (foundation, primer, concealer and so on), the brushes might be a problem. Currently I use the brand Real Techniques.  The quality does not fail.

The first set I possess is the flawless base set which I purchased on black Friday sales (you’ve got to be a strategist). It contains a contour brush, detailer brush, buffing brush and a square foundation brush. It all came along with a little cute white brush cup which is very helpful to keep and organise my brushes.

Next is the enhanced eye set which consists of a medium size shadow brush, essential crease brush, fine liner brush, shading brush and a lash separator. I’m not really an eye makeup girl but the brushes help me blend flawlessly whenever I do.

Finally I’ve got the brow set which contained a brow scissors, an angled tweezer, brow brush brow highlighting brush and brow spool. It’s really the perfect set to clean up my brows and create a perfect look.

Primer by Lancome. 

I’m sure you know that a primer is one of the basis for makeup. I’ll just say it again just to reiterate the point. It is that one product that qualifies as ‘must have’. The velvety feel of this primer is amazing. It goes easily into the skin and preps it wonderfully before my foundation. I tried other brands but this is by far the best of all.

Teint Idole Ultra Wear Foundation by Lancome.

I have spent quite a lot for a student on Lancome products but I do not regret it as every single penny is worth it. I use the shade 14 (for brownies) and it matches well my skin  tone. In the past, I have tried other popular brands such as l’Oreal, MAC, Bobbi Brown but they either never really matched my skin tone or the texture was not just convenient for my skin type. Now I can rest in peace. Lancome’s ultra wear foundation stays throughout the day, and it’s the most effective (the only one to be honest) oil-absorbing foundation I’ve ever used. It doesn’t feel heavy on the face and you do not need that much pumps (about two is enough for me)  for a full coverage.

Bronze Highlighter for Glow by Laura Mercier. 

Lovely product with a super subtle sheen that will leave you glowing! I use it to highlight my cheekbones and sometimes create a contoured look. The first time I used it, people kept asking me where I had gotten it from.

Makeup Fixing Spray by Urban Decay.

This makes a whole difference on my makeup. At first I would apply my makeup without any fixing spray and I realised I got oily or my makeup didn’t stay longer (especially when i was in motion). However, with the spray, makeup lasts longer, it controls oil even when i’m in movements and cools the surface of my makeup. I will definitely recommend.

To my makeup lovers,

19’s Obeservation.





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