Why is you hair so thick, how did you achieve this length, how do you maintain your hair’s colour, your hair is so big, why is it so soft, how come you scalp is always moisturized. Well, enough with the questions. As of this moment, my hair secrets become public.

My hair journey only started in 2014 when I started growing my hair. I had always worn them natural (haha, all shaved it was; since I attended an English school in Cameroon that required everyone boys and girls to shave – it’s very common) for seven good years worth of secondary and high school. So i had never really known what it was like to have hair braided from the scalp, never had to use relaxers or simply just style it. Fast forward, after writing my A level at around May 2014, I started growing out my hair.

Yes, I am 100% natural with 4’C hair type. What i mean by natural is that, I carry and wear my hair the way it grows from my scalp. Sometimes, it decides to act coiled and other times kinky. It just behaves however it feels like every other day and it’s okay. Unlike most Africans, african-americans, Caribbean (and any other who experience shrinkage), my hair doesn’t shrink that much (although it does a little when it’ s wet). It is pretty soft and easy to comb (I thank God for that everyday because you all know the struggle).
Up until few years ago, I honestly did not think that natural hair will ever trend as people seemed more accustomed with straightened, relaxed, perm, blow-dried, flat ironed or any other unnatural method resulting in having straight hair. Society pressured individuals to own identities that weren’t theirs making people manipulate their hair to look in a certain way for the sake of ‘fitting in’ or ‘blending in’. I even remember back in primary school where having relaxed hair was considered as beautiful. I felt sad at times as my mother will not allow my sisters and I have our hair relaxed (Thank you mother). Her explanation for that at the time didn’t have much to do with heritage, self-acceptance or natural beauty if i remember rightly. It was more a case of avoiding chemicals on our bodies (fair enough as these relaxers and all that contain massive chemicals).

I’m glad I keep my hair natural for the right reasons. Most people today just have their hair natural not because they love it but because it’s trendy. Unfortunately, that’s the reality and such people tend to go back to perms as soon as the slightest difficulty arises. They fail to realise that caring for their hair is just like having a new-born baby. Sometime you understand him, other times you do not but you exercise patience, you still care for it, you learn to understand him with time and continuously give him love. That is how I treat my hair.

Growth doesn’t happen all in a day. It takes  a while if you remain consistent. I am not a professional and it definitely took me a long time to get to know my hair. To know what products work for me, to care for it, to style it and more. It was all trial and error but now I am happy that I finally found what works for me. I just hope for more growth and hope I learn more about my hair so I can have the healthiest journey possible.

In relation to hair products, I often hear ‘having natural hair is costly’. To be honest it depends on what you go for and how much products you think your hair needs. At the early stages of my journey, I found myself spending on so many products (not knowing whether or not it worked for me) and I ended up not using them. Presently, I realise my hair doesn’t need that much products. Better still, I go for handmade goodies (the cheaper option – recipes which I get online or simply experiment) like mixing my Shea butter with freshly squeezed lemon, water and extra virgin oil as a treatment and more things like that using bananas, avocado, argan oil, water (at no cost) … Not all the time ( because I’m a student – busy life) but once in a while.

For my hair regiment, I have opted for Shea Moisture Products. I use the both the Jamaican Black Castor Oil formula and the Raw Shea Butter formula. The later is infused with sea kelp and argan oil and it is ideal for dry, transitioning and damaged hair. It helps heal the scalp, promotes hair growth and strengthens the hair. It keeps my hair moisturized (extra-moisturized) and I’ve seen my hair grow so rapidly in a short span of time. The earlier is infused with peppermint and apple cider vinegar. I would highly recommend this formula if you struggle with dandruff. It moisturizes the scalp, gives shine to my hair, maintains its colour, and repairs damages sometimes caused by braids, protective styles or heat exposure.

I also have my traditional granny style head scarf which I tie at night before bed (This is the best of all).

That said, these are the products that work for me and have helped me achieve my hair length in the space of two years as you may have seen in the pictures attached to this post. These were taken about two months ago from an Iphone 6 ( – really hope I start making use of my camera).

Comment below what products you use and what works for you. Feel free to share your own natural hair experiences.

I would love to know.

19’s Observation.




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