Merry Christmas

Hi Peeps!


Hope you all had an amazing Christmas.

On my end, things were quite calm. This year unlike every other, I did not return home for the holidays. But I was prepared for it mentally. I have to admit that seeing my siblings and friends in “party moods” on social media made my heart tinkle a little.

If only I could have the food… Then, perhaps I will not pay attention to all the parties and family I am missing.

Christmas is about sharing, giving, spreading love around us. Personally, I do not believe in the religious rationale behind December 25th but I like how the season is féerique.

From lights all around town, the different markets, candies to the spirit people carry in them during this month , it just makes me happy. I wish it could last all year long…

My favourite spots for this Christmas were Regent and Oxford Streets. I went to the Christmas markets in Piccadilly Circus, London and equally the one at Exeter. I had the famous “german sausage roll”, “churros”, and “bubble tea”. I also went to Winter Wonderland for the first time in 2 years. It was magical. Definitely scared of rides but I did it.

I wish I could shop 24/7 and get all those things but my bank account will not allow me to be great. Anyway, this year has been a lot of “buying-what-you-need” and not “what-you-want”.

I spent Christmas day alone. I had forgotten that shops and restaurants will be closed both on Christmas day and boxing day on the 26. However, me being me, I managed to pull out something. I made pancakes and had it with Nutella and maple sirup.

Do not be like me, have a proper meal. I repeat, have a proper meal on Christmas eve and day.

Merry Christmas Everyone xx

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