When the picture of a more abundant life gets a little clouded by what others want me to believe it is, serving God and speaking His Word clarifies for me a life that’s truly worth living.
In my long journey searching for the Lord’s face, I met with people I genuinely admire, respect and value. They accompany me in my spiritual journey and together as one, we try to be there for each other. Through this journey searching and seeking the Lord’s face, I am constantly re-energized and renewed in commitment to serve him with a deeper understanding of his will each and every single day.


Fellowship, breaking of bread, sharing and prayers just strengthens me.  I fill complete in him. He’s my confident, the pillar on which i stand. The teachings of his word are amazing. They are life stimulating and engaging with much practical learning. So much of what is taught and what we learn from the bible have been made and are still made applicable now in each and everyone’s situation. The patterns, sisterhood, having godly vision, getting outside of our comfort zones, and having the power to make changes. All of this bring greater quality of life as we, in turn, lovingly share God’s Word with others.

However, I don’t know if that’s just me but upon all these marvels I know I find in him, I still do not have a perfect relationship with him. We have our up and down moments. It’s hard you know to have a balanced relationship with him especially when you go through continuous hardships.  There’s this particular time when i paused God in my life because i was wondering why he would allow certain things to happen to me without helping me out.I lamented myself, cried, shouted but no change. It was even hard to talk to someone about this because I felt judged.But one day, i got this statement that with God, I needed to trust the process, keep my determination and remain patient. I was greatly motivated by my own brothers’ story and he gave me this verse which i kept and is still holding onto till today.

Habacuc 2:3 it goes…

I will watchover and wait to see what the Lord will tell me to say and what answer he will give after my complaint. The Lord gave me this answer: “Write down clearly on tablets what i reveal to you, so that it can be read at a glance. Put it in writing because its not yet time for it to come true. But the time is coming quickly and it will come true. It may seem slow in coming but wait for it; it will certainly take place and will not be delayed. And this is the message: Those who are evil will not survive, but those who are rightheous will live because they are faithful to God”. 

Whether you have noticed it or not, we have all being transformed in one aspect or the other. From negative, sad and fear-filled to positive, joyous and assured. It’s not for no reason they usually say “stand together for what you believe”.

Never depart from the word of life. Although we have our moments of crises, let’s not forget the purpose, the final destination and the reward which will be glorious and mighty.

19’s observation.



There’s nothing more thrilling than being around people who emanate an energy of endless possibilities.

The title ‘friend’ is not something I give to everyone. Although people usually say, ‘I have nothing to prove to you’, I believe with friendship you have to prove yourself.

Friends are very special people in my life. When I make plans, the immediate aftermath my family, are my friends. I value them and they contribute to part of my personal development.

To pronounce someone in my life as more important than all of the others, as being on a different plane of relationship, that despite not being romantic, is still profoundly important, makes me feel so privileged.

Holding this title therefore means three major things:

  1. Commitment 
  2. Trust 
  3. Mutual Growth

That allows our friendship to last and that becomes an incredible life change. I could add more but this is the basis from which I go.

‘I don’t have many friends’

For the simple reason being that I like to keep my circle small. Some people call me their friends but actually, they’re still taking my private assessment. By this I mean: it is not neccesarily reciprocal.

I like difference, good people, kind hearted ones, God-fearing, honest, funny, intriguing personalities, those with a pinch of mystery. Not those who are ‘just like everyone else’-common. Nevertheless, I understand, tolerate, and accept people with their flaws, their own downsides, their habits …

People will say, I put my bar high and I say yes! I believe: “Friendship is a selection”. I can’t take everyone. How far I go in this life is partly dependent of who I choose to stay with. Do I want to go as far the stars or stay on the ground with a bundle of wishes? Do I want to stay with people who drain my energy and vitality?

That’s why I believe it’s important to be choosy about who we spend our time with. A God-fearing, strong, positive and pliable friend will elevate you to unimaginable height.

To the real ones who stole my heart,

19’s Observation.