The hard part about the life we live is that we’re taught to do it all “on our own” and to “mind our own business.” We’re “looking out for number one” and “taking care of our own.” While there’s some wisdom within each of those phrases, there’s also a troubling reality.

We aren’t perfect. We can’t see all the angles or do everything ourselves.


God built us to need each other (Genesis 2:18).

We need other people for companionship, to form relationships, and to also grow in our patience and love for each other.

One Thing Remains

The other beautiful thing about having people in our lives is that they can help us understand things we don’t understand. The perspectives and experiences of other people can give us wisdom into different life situations that we haven’t encountered before.

Proverbs says, “Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisers they succeed.” (Proverbs 15:22)

The point is that the more input and wisdom you have into a decision, the more likely it is to succeed. This is because mentors and guides can help us see things we would have missed if it were only up to us.

Consider finding some “life advisers” today.

Choose people who are:

  1. People of faith – people who believe that the chase for Godly wisdom is a good idea and are on that chase themselves.
  2. People of prayer – you want advisers who are committed to engaging with God and learning through a conversational relationship with Him.
  3. People who know you – strangers make difficult advisers because wisdom has to make sense in real life. Find advisers who understand your situation and personality, as well as the decision you’re trying to make.

Look for that person, those people and stick with them.

Stay blessed xx

19’s Observation