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Today I thought of sharing some of my favourite skin care products. A bit of background information before diving right into the subject; I am dark-skin, with sufficient melanocytes in my genes. I would say I have a normal skin type except that I am quite oily around my t-zone and I have a quite sensitive skin (react to any little scrub, shavers, razor blades which I do not use and even the sun gets my skin irritated). I had acne like every other girl around puberty age but now rarely have blemishes or skin irritations. I’m not sure about this but I would say a bit hyper pigmented on my cheeks but that’s okay.

The products I will be reviewing are those that work for me and hopefully would work for someone who has a bit of the skin type I described above. I have used them for the longest time now and they really work.

  1. Shea Butter (100% natural, raw, unbleached and unrefined).

It is naturally rich in vitamins A, E and F. It offers UV protection with an SPF of approximately 6 and provides the skin with essentially fatty acids and the nutrients necessary for collagen production. Not only do I use it for my skin, and face but also for my hair (see previous posts). It moisturizes, reduces inflammation and smooths the skin. I remember having a bump once (actually on several occasions) and applied Shea butter. Guess what, it disappeared without leaving a dark spot. I apply it to my face every night before bed and use it daily as my skin moisturizer and massage it gently into my skin.

  1. Aloe Vera Gel by Dr. Organic (99.9% Aloe Vera)

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Holland & Barrett Aloe Vera Gel (buy)

I get my Aloe Vera Gel from Holland & Barrett, a pretty popular shop in the UK renowned for natural medicines and products. The gel is made from Aloe Vera as you may have guessed which is a specific plant that grows in tropical climates around the world and is cultivated for medicinal, agricultural and decorative purposes.

It contains Auxin and Gibberellins hormones that have anti-inflammatory and wound healing properties. I use on my face after applying my CLINIQUE moisturizer (during the day ), on my blemishes or irritated areas of my skin, on my stretch marks (although Shea butter works perfectly for that). I also apply it sometimes on my feet (especially if they get too dry).

  1. CLINIQUE Skin care Product Range

Guys keep calm! I have found the perfect brand aka products for my skin. Early in September 2016, I decided to invest on my skin and hair care products. I was not breaking out but I was just tired of trying so many products (side note: tea tree products from body shop were so aggressive, didn’t work for me) that ended up causing irritations or just didn’t work. So from there, I literally bought a range of products from CLINIQUE (got the essentials from the start, benefited from offers and gifts that came with purchases and around mid May, got myself sun cream) .

Firstly, the moisturizing lotion, liquid facial soap and clarifying lotion.

3-Step Face Care for Combination Skin Type (buy)

I use the liquid facial soap twice everyday. I massage it on my wet face and throat and pat in gently. after rinsing and during my face up with a towel, I apply the clarifying lotion. which in turn smooths my face before the moisturizer.  The moisturiser helps to balance out the skin’s moisture levels providing long-lasting hydration. It gives some glow to the skin and what I like most is the fact that it is not greasy. I apply it once a day after washing and toning my face.

From time to time, I apply their anti-blemish solution.

This helps reduces spots and even stops bums from appearing right from the moment the skin feels irritated. I just apply it on the spots in question.

Finally the sun cream.

This is fantastic to use very lightly on the skin. Contains an SPF of 50; very high but worth it. I use it often during summer or every other day when I will be exposed to sunlight. Very comfortable and  works perfectly for sensitive skins. The coverage is quite invisible (blends nicely) as compared to sun creams I have used in the past which left my face quite purplish. I have heard it’s not that great with oily skin as it leaves quite visible pores. But I will definitely recommend for sensitive and normal skin types.

Apart from those essentials, I got some gifts from CLINIQUE house when I purchased the sun cream back in May and renewed my moisturizer. I gave some of them away but I want to mention some of these gifts which I kept that really work and are also useful. I kept the makeup remover, eye gel, the mascara (I also have sensitive eyes and any product that I use such as eye shadow or mascara easily irritate my eyes. This is the only mascara that I have tried which feels very light and do not itch or smear as others), and more face soap.

I will suggest any reader who recognises her/his skin type from my description to try out these products. They work. They really do! You just have to remain consistent with them because for all I know, the results are quickly apparent. And if you are still stingy to invest on skin products, remember it’s a good investment and it’s your own skin we are talking about. I’ll leave the prices or links to purchase each of these items.

Disclaimer: The pictures belong to the official providers of these products.

Till next time beauties xx

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